rigid codes of hierarchical binarism (andypop) wrote,
rigid codes of hierarchical binarism

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Last night rustystiletto & I watched Woody Allen's Bananas, kindly lent by moleintheground, and then chanced upon a new show on Living called Boston Legal.

Has anyone seen this? It's not a good show - produced by the guy behind Ally McBeal, and it's like the wacky-legal-soap-opera bits of that watered down & written worse & acted worse (with one exception). But it was worth seeing, just for the worlds-colliding experience of watching JAMES SPADER (for it is he!) doing scenes with WILLIAM FUCKING SHATNER (oh yes!!). An actual actor who's done loads of good films and some enjoyable blockbusters, finding himself in a substandard TV show acting opposite Mr Mannerism himself. Surely the very fabric of the universe should tear asunder??

Shatner is even worse than usual - I can see why they cast him, he ought to be ideal for the role (self-regarding patriarch of the law firm), but he's not giving it any energy. Plus, he seems to be turning slowly into a giant toad.

His finest moment is actually the great Roger Corman cheapo anti-racist flick The Intruder (a.k.a. I Hate Your Guts), from about 1960. Anyone seen that one?
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