rigid codes of hierarchical binarism (andypop) wrote,
rigid codes of hierarchical binarism

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What an excellent day I've had. accomodatingly's pal S is over from New York for a few days, researching her book about riot grrrl, and he recommended she get in touch with me. We met in Camden and spent a couple of hours in a nice cafe, talking about the history of the UK RG scene. S's pal and mine, L, joined us as the cafe was closing, and we spent a further half hour in a pub with an empty upstairs room, laughing about old times - I don't see L that often - before S and I went over to Islington so she could meet up with ex-label boss G.

All of which just sounds like a list of initials, but it was a lovely time. The sun was out and even Camden looks good in the sunshine. It was great to meet S and see L and (briefly) G. And talking about what I was doing back then and what I'm doing now, I realised again just how much I'm cramming into my life right now, and how much I'm enjoying it.
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