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Thursday night I went to see Wet Dog support the Pipettes at LSE. Got recognised as a Linus member before I'd even walked in the door, which was odd. Wet Dog played one of my favourites, 'Trehorne Beach', for the first time in a while. I met mega_normal for the first time (she is one of the organisers there), and chatted with mzdt, small_circle, and Daniel from Homocrime. I wasn't overwhelmed by The Pipettes - they've got energy, good songs, good singing voices, synchrosised dresses and synchronised moves, etc, but it's just retro girl group/new wave and nothing extra - not expressing anything - just quite fun rather than great.

Friday lunchtime was a publisher's promotional lunch for a crime novel set in Camden. The author, a few people from the publishing house, their London rep, and a handful of booksellers, in a restaurant in Soho. It's a first novel, by a music journalist - Cathi Unsworth, who reviewed Linus for Melody Maker once or twice, years ago. I didn't know that she had also been one of the team behind the gothy arts mag Purr, and had worked for Bizarre in its earlier, better days under the editorship of my friend Fiona Jerome. My proof copy of her book never arrived but it does sound pretty fun.

Then, a meeting at my house for the group project me & two of my classmates have to present in a couple of weeks. We're doing various aspects of gender in comics - gay superheroes, women & Japanese comics, and (my part) some historical background. Hardly a stretch for me. I delved under my bed and dragged some relevant comics out of boxes, C described her (almost-written) presentation, T showed some Japanese stuff, we drank beer and wine, and had a pretty fab time.
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