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Happenings twelve years' time ago

Over at Tammy's on Friday, she dug out some old videos which I'd either forgotten about, or didn't know existed until last week. She'd intended to do a college video project on riot grrrl, but never finished it, and the tapes went into a box for over ten years.

There is footage of the Voodoo Queens and Bloodsausage playing small, early shows in 1992 or '93, and of a riot grrrl meeting at Bunjie's coffee bar (R.I.P.) with members of freddster's old band, Hissyfit. Most astonishing, though, was her film of a daytime show at the Conway Hall. I just created a detailed chronology of that time for Sara's book research, so I can tell you that this show took place on Wednesday March 3rd 1993. The lighting is really clear, because it's in the day, and the sound isn't bad. She filmed a couple of songs each by Avocado Baby (not their best stuff, but Pete looks fetching in a wig and dress), Pussycat Trash, and Huggy Bear ('Pop Scorch' and 'Into the Mission'), well into their non-fun phase unfortunately.

Mainly, though, there's three or four songs by Bikini Kill. It sent shivers down my spine to see this band again, clear as day and as powerful as I remember them.

It is strange, setting out and re-evaluating all the events of that time again. Puts a lot of what I'm doing now into context. It was an exciting time, but there's more fun and creativity to be had in the grrrl-inspired scene now than there was at the time. The last three years have really changed my life.
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