rigid codes of hierarchical binarism (andypop) wrote,
rigid codes of hierarchical binarism

This journal has been placed in memorial status. New entries cannot be posted to it.

I'm listening to the new Electrelane album, Axes. As always, there's a Krautrocky feel to it, but while the insistent 4/4 rhythms and little piano flourishes still remind me of Neu, there's now a Faust-ish glee in the variety of ideas, sounds and atmospheres. Along with their unabashed rock'n'roll rush, and occasional singing in Verity's unassuming, slightly fragile voice. Recorded sparsely (and live), it's got a band-in-a-room sound to it a bit like the first Gang of 4 album (or the first Ramones album, come to that). Not the surf-able wave of noise they unleash live, but full of colour and light which can get lost at high volume.

Enough comparisons already. This is a beautiful record.
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