rigid codes of hierarchical binarism (andypop) wrote,
rigid codes of hierarchical binarism

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I am watching the TV movie of Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD, made a few years back with David Hasselhof in the lead role. It's terrible, of course, but in a good way. The SHIELD comic was a mid-60s, James Bond thing - only with a hard-bitten, cigar-chewing American instead of a suave Englishman. Hasselhof is surprisingly apt casting, and there are lots of nods to the comic in the dialogue and design. Shame they didn't go for the full-on psychedelic look of Jim Steranko's run on the comic, though. It's all a bit gung-ho-military. The villains are the son & daughter of Nazi bad guy Baron von Strucker from the comic, and their fake German accents and 80s hair are a joy.
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