rigid codes of hierarchical binarism (andypop) wrote,
rigid codes of hierarchical binarism

This journal has been placed in memorial status. New entries cannot be posted to it.

Instead of anything meaningful, here's the six-current-favourite-songs meme. I'm afraid it's a bit repetitive at this moment, because there are two albums I'm listening to more than anything else...

1. Bikini Kill 'Reject All American' (so catchy!)
2. Electrelane 'Eight Steps' (so thrilling!)
3. Electrelane 'I Keep Losing Heart' (so pretty!)
4. Electrelane 'Bells' (so tuneful!)
5. Bikini Kill 'Tony Randall' (so mod!)
6. Little Richard 'Get Down and Get With It' (this one I heard for the first time yesterday - I HAVE TO GET THIS RECORD.)

OK, maybe I'll do it again sometime & it'll be a bit more varied.
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