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I am in receipt of the latest Homocrime bulletin. Trust me, Mirah in particular is a MUST SEE:

DOUBLE FUN! 12th and 16h June

Sunday 12th June (i.e. THIS SUNDAY)
homocrime v unskinny bop
2pm - 6pm
The Pleasure Unit
359 Bethnal Green Rd
£5, £4 with flyer, £3 concessions

THE DISKETTES are just wonderfulness from Vancouver: girls and boys Beat Happening with added Doo Wop and all the playfullness of summer. We saw them last week and swooned (the drummer played on two cardboard boxes). We have been so excited about this gig for so long!!!

WET DOG are of course our favourite thing in London. New songs abound. The most perfect all-girl band since The Raincoats.

STATIONARY is Coral (of Kazoo band Atilla fame, and Weekend
Hairport). She is performing her new piece, dressed as Bio Femme Secretary, playing every PA's essential accoutrements. The photos at www.coralshort.co.uk are all you need to know until Sunday.

SMARTY PANTS is Holly from Radical Cheerleaders of Manchester fame's new band - casio punk freakout time, we can't wait, I believe its their London debut too!!

DRAGULA is Humey Heena and Clare's boi-band (think the Zombied
Sissyboyz from Manchester). They were the very fine ladies behind Ladyfest Manchester and also instigators of Cafequeeria.

. . . . . .

Thursday JUNE 16
MIRAH (K records)
DJs Lady V (Television Personalities) and Markland (Sleeping States)
Barden's Boudoir, 38 - 44 Stoke Newington Road N16
£5/4 with flyer/3 concessions
doors 7.30pm

MIRAH (ye olde press release):
'Something gentle this way comes...' in the form of K records star and Olympia Washington resident, Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn. Having only appeared live once in the UK (with a crowd-stunning set at 2002's Ladyfest London), the intimate nature, and impressive innovation of her records have won Mirah a devoted following of fans in this country and around the world.
Her songs are infused with the political, the sexual and the theatrical - of volcanic eruptions and expansive western skys. Yet the poetic and personal underscore their delivery such that even the most casual listener is caught in her web, a sassy world of desire, heartache and longing wrapped in a bundle of joyous noise. Having worked with the likes of Phil Elvrum (MICROPHONES, MOUNT EERIE) and Calvin Johnson (BEAT HAPPENING, DUB NARCOTIC), her blend of lo-fi sensibility and unbridled vision - where folk music mixes seemlessly with electronica; the subtle with the epic - have created some of the most uncomprimising and original records of recent years.
On this tour, Mirah will sing and play guitar. She will also be
accompanied by friends playing violin, double bass and accordion.
Mirah's latest album, C'mon Miracle is out now on K, and will be
released soon in the UK on Arrivederci Baby! records.

I KNOW I HAVE NO COLLAR make life worth living. Tom and Aaron pull out the stops with keyboards, drums and teacloths and always whip the crowd into a frenzy!

FRANCOIS is loveliness in a young French man with his guitar (and keyboards and samples and drum machine). Maybe he'll bring along his animations too!

TRULY KAPUT rocks our pants off. Why is she the bottom of the bill? Because her leg was on fire.

DJ Victoria is treating us with some choice portions, and Markland will be spinning the dance floor after the show so we may well be having a little dance party!!

. . . . . .

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