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andypop's Journal

rigid codes of hierarchical binarism
Cartoonist guitarist songwritist, culture vulture, pop drinker

I am a member of the band Linus: linusland / Linusland site

Current favourite quote:
"Fundamentalism? It's how you get all the mysteries of the universe to fit on a bumper sticker." Steve Gerber, Howard the Duck
alan moore, andy goldsworthy, ann magnuson, archies, bad science fiction movies, baudoin, bertolt brecht, bikini kill, blondie, bo diddley, bob dylan, bratmobile, brian eno, buster keaton, buzzcocks, charles schulz, charlotte cooper, claes oldenburg, coping saw, cornelia parker, corto maltese, daffy duck, dan clowes, dead kennedys, degas, delia derbyshire, dorothy parker, dusty springfield, egon schiele, electrelane, ellen forney, eve arden, funkadelic, gang of four, ghost world, girl groups, glenn dakin, gorky's zygotic mynci, grant morrison, guerrilla girls, gwen john, hal hartley, harold and maude, harvey kurtzman, heavenly, hernandez bros, hidden cameras, hole, howard the duck, huggy bear, hugo pratt, iggy pop, jacques tardi, james spader, janeane garofalo, jeanette winterson, joan cusack, joan fucking jett, joan miro, joanna russ, john waters, johnny cash, jonathan richman, josie and the pussycats, kaito, kavolchy, kimya dawson, kleenex/liliput, krazy kat, ladyfest, le tigre, liliput, linus, little richard, lois lane, louise brooks, magnetic fields, marine research, mark wallinger, mc5, minutemen, mirah, modern lovers, monkees, moomins, mutts, nan goldin, nancy sinatra, neil diamond, new york dolls, noam chomsky, ohio express, old detective shows, patti smith, peanuts, pedro almodovar, pere ubu, phil spector, phoebe gloeckner, prag vec, pro-choice, punk, red monkey, revillos, rezillos, riot grrl, riot grrrl, rita lynch, romance comics, sexual politics, shock headed peters, sidi bou said, silent movies, situationism, situationists, slant 6, sly stone, sonic youth, spy 51, square pegs, ssris, stockard channing, susie bright, sweet inspirations, television, the archies, the buzzcocks, the chiffons, the cramps, the germs, the magnetic fields, the modern lovers, the monkees, the new york dolls, the raincoats, the roches, the shaggs, the slits, the vaselines, the velvet underground, throwing muses, tove jansson, velvet underground, violent femmes, wire, x, x-ray spex, yummy fur, zombina & the skeletones, zombina and the skeletones